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About Galileo

Galileo Medical Technologies Inc. was found in 2010 and had been working in two research and development (R&D) centers located in Ankara Bilkent Cyberpark campus and Inonu University Technopark. Our company runs with an entirely domestic investment.

Galileo Inc. has been working on developing software and hardware in the field of medical technologies. With our expert team, we developed a hardware system for medical device communication, “Galibox,” which is capable of receiving data from more than seventy types of medical devices. These devices include but not limited to ventilators, anesthesia equipment, patient monitors, infusion/perfusion devices, and their number is increasing since then. We also developed “Clinical Information Systems,” in which the clinical data of the surgery are recorded entirely. This comprehensive recording starts from the pre-operative phase, then continues to anesthesia and the surgery period, the intensive care unit, and the inpatient clinic. The integrated approach of our Clinical Information Systems provides the recording of all clinical processes. 

Our company continues to provide services to prestigious Healthcare centers in our country. We have built significant collaborations and become the solution partner of many prestigious national and international device companies for the healthcare-digitalization process.

As Galileo Medical Technologies Inc., we offer:

  • Digital Hospital Analysis Service
  • Data retrieval from medical devices
  • Recording all paper-format clinical data in the Clinical Information Systems (CIS)
  • Data transfer from the currently operating CIS software at the hospitals (collaboration?) 

We continue to work as a solution partner for healthcare institutions in our country to reach “HIMMS-Emram Score-7” standards.

The strategic goals of our company in the next five years are as follows:

  1. Establishing the Clinical Information System of Galileo in the essential healthcare centers in Turkey, becoming the market leader, and continuing to provide our high-level, high-quality service sustainably.
  2. Completing the R&D process of the new Galibox Mx2 HL7 Data Transfer System (transmitter?) and launching in the national and international markets.
  3. Successfully performing overseas sales activities, developing our international operational management, and expanding the sales network.
  4. In medical technologies and software fields, we aim to become the largest company in Turkey and one of the leading companies in the World. (most well-known and respected?)
  5. Developing strong collaborations with the medical device companies that can provide data transfer by integrating into our systems.

In this perspective, we aim to complete the integration processes of the current medical devices to transfer the data and meet the HL7 communication needs of the third-party software. So far, we have completed the integration processes with various medical devices from GE, Drager, BD, Carefusion, and Maquette. We intend to participate in joint-projects with medical device companies in which the Clinical Information Systems (CIS) can be presented with the integrated devices. Or the devices can be suggested to the hospitals that have been already using the Galileo CIS. We aim to develop projects in which we can collaborate with the stakeholders to build new business models to address the digitalization process of the hospitals.

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